FIXO is established because there is a need for an alternative exchange point in Norway. FIXO provides free high speed interconnections between ISPs in Oslo.

What is an ISP? “Internet Service Provider”
FIXO defines an ISP as someone who got their own valid ASN (Autonomous System Number) and a globally routeable IP prefix that is reachable on the Internet today.

What is peering?
ISPs use a transit ASN/ISP to exchange traffic. The transit ISP will charge a settlement based on the amount of traffic passing to and from the customer (ISP). ISPs agree to setup a settlement-free exchange of traffic between them to reduce the usage and cost of a transit ISP. When two ISPs agree to exchange traffic directly without the usage of a transit ASN, it is generally called peering.

So, what’s an Internet eXchange then?
Because the majority of Internet service providers in a location would want to setup peering sessions between each other, a central point of connecting to other ISPs are often established. At FIXO, ISPs will be able to reach and setup peering sessions with any of the other members listed.