FIXO was established because there was a need for an alternative exchange point in Norway. FIXO provides high speed interconnections between ISPs in Oslo.

FIXO is a recursive acronym for "FIXO Internet eXchange Oslo".

What is an ISP?

FIXO defines an ISP (Internet Service Provider) as someone who has their own valid ASN (Autonomous System Number) and a globally routeable IP prefix that is reachable on the Internet today.

What is peering?

ISPs use a transit ASN/ISP to exchange traffic. The transit ISP will charge a settlement based on the amount of traffic passing to and from the customer (ISP). ISPs agree to setup a settlement-free exchange of traffic between them to reduce the usage and cost of a transit ISP. When two ISPs agree to exchange traffic directly without the usage of a transit ASN, it is generally called peering.

So, what's an Internet eXchange then?

Because the majority of Internet service providers in a location would want to setup peering sessions between each other, a central point of connecting to other ISPs is often established. At FIXO, ISPs will be able to reach and setup peering sessions with any of the other members listed.